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16 Years Old

Coming from a small town in Tennessee, with 65,000 streams on Spotify, Underated has come up from nothing and making something out of it.

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Unrealesed and Upcoming Music

Underated and Alternative is making music about heartbreak and different mental situations they were put in from relationships to chicks being unreal.  Underated has an album ready to drop that deals with very emotional tracks, ranging from how they felt after the end and the anger, betrayal, and self hatred against people who affected their life.  Music is the only thing keeping Underated going at life, expresses what needs to be expressed to other people to hear and understand and feel like they are not alone.

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About Underated

Music Influences and Life Occurrences

The sound of music is very important to an artist.  It marks them from other artists, because of their sound.  From a very toxic relationship, with terrible mental abuse and overthinking everything, his lyrics has a different feel in each song.

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How To Live Your Life

Don't overthink the little things

Don't let other people control you

Do what you want to do, never change that

Never change yourself for somebody ele's happiness

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